• Even drainage process of paste on the triple roller
  • Filled wine-red dip coatings in barrels
  • easy-to-spread roller-applicable emulsion paint COLORBRAN INSIDE
  • Colour variety of thermoplastic/thermosetting powder coating

Competency in Plastic Coatings

COLORBRAN Inside/Outside

  • easy-to-spread and roller-applicable emulsion paint COLORBRAN OUTSIDE on wood
  • Easy-to-spread and roller-applicable emulsion paint  COLORBRAN OUTSIDE on metal

We produce synthetic resin emulsion coating and emulsion paint for the inside and outside respectively. Our products are characterized by

  • tough resistance against the weather and environment
  • their extraordinarily good thermic and physical properties which increase comfort at no disadvantage.


COLORBRAN BASIC filled in canisters - according to customer requirements

We recommend COLORBRAN Basic for an improved grip of our emulsion coating on especially rough or smooth surfaces.


COLORBRAN Metal Primer

We recommend COLORBRAN Metal Primer for an improved grip of COLORBRAN Outside on metallic surfaces. We sell this metal primer in cooperation with NOVOPLASTIK GmbH.