• Even drainage process of paste on the triple roller
  • Filled wine-red dip coatings in barrels
  • easy-to-spread roller-applicable emulsion paint COLORBRAN INSIDE
  • Colour variety of thermoplastic/thermosetting powder coating

Competency in Plastic Coatings

COLORPLAST Textile Coatings

Close-up of a textile coating on a triple roller

Our textile coatings create chemical-resistant, non-slip, low-fogging, flame-retarding coatings for textile surfaces


COLORPLAST Foam Plastisols

Red dip coating for pliers

Our foam plastisols can be used in the manufacturing of chemical-resistant, self-adhesive seals, for example in packaging. Other important applications include the coating of tool handles or coat hangers.


COLORPLAST Transparent Coatings

Filling of colourless PVC paste into lined containers according to customer requirements

These coatings are used as transparent coatings for glass, plastic or paper surfaces