• Even drainage process of paste on the triple roller
  • Filled wine-red dip coatings in barrels
  • easy-to-spread roller-applicable emulsion paint COLORBRAN INSIDE
  • Colour variety of thermoplastic/thermosetting powder coating

Competency in Plastic Coatings

COLORSINT Thermosetting/
thermoplastic Synthetic Powder

COLORTEC GmbH develops and produces powder coatings for surface processing inside and outside, in cooperation with our technology partners.

We develop new products and product technologies, provide our customers with product-specific, technical support and advice, and supply our system partners with complete project planning for coating plants.

Our products occupy the top end of the specialist thermosetting and thermoplastic market with their superior quality. We have obtained product accreditation for a diverse number of fields in this industrial sector.

Our design and development engineers provide complete project management right through to quality assurance for customers requiring innovative planning of a powder coating plant.